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  • October 20, 2023
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MACDL is an accredited provider of CLE in Missouri. 



Free Practice Aid/Resource Tool for Defending Sex Crimes!

This extensive guide for defending sex crimes was designed to be a single reference document and is accessible to MACDL members by logging into the MEMBER ONLY page of our website


This video produced, by the Missouri Bar, explains how the MO Nonpartisan Court Plan works.  It explores the rich history that inspired Missourians to be the first in the nation to adopt the system.


UPDATE-On January 10, MACDL filed an Amicus brief in support of the petitioner in the case of Doe v. Frisz.  In that case, a man who plead guilty to a non-sex offense was told he had to register as a sex offender based on the determination of the chief law enforcement officer in St. Charles County.  At issue in the case is what documents a decision-maker can consider in determining whether a person must register, and additionally whether the Chief law enforcement of a county is the appropriate party under the law to determine registration requirements.  The Amicus Committee recommended and the board voted to file a brief in this case because we were concerned about the implications to defense lawyers trying to accurately advise our clients as to registration requirements and criminal defendants seeking to avoid such implication (or at the very least know whether or not they’ll have to register. We were additionally very concerned about the long-term legal implications of allowing such important decisions to be in the complete discretion of a county police officer and made based on police reports, conduct of which a person is presumed innocent under the law, and other information which would not be considered “evidence” in almost any other context.

 Amicus Request
MACDL’s Amicus Committee responds to requests for assistance by members involved in issues of general bar interest in the appellate courts of Missouri.

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Please Contribute to the MACDL Political Action Committee.  In order for us to stay on top of legislative items against our industry, we have our own political action committee. Click here for a contribution form and send your donation today or click here to make that donation right now online via Authorize.Net!  Personal and Corporate contributions are accepted.

MACDL 2023 Awards Named

MACDL honors worthy attorney, judges, and others to commend them for their work. MACDL is happy to announce that on April 21st, MACDL will honor are award winners at Hollywood Casino, Maryland Heights, MO.

Dr. Terry Martinez Science and the Law Award- Travis Jones

Dr. Terry Martinez Science and the Law Award- Christina Pietz

Charles Shaw Award- Craig Napier

Charles Shaw Award- Stuart Huffman

Lew Kollias Award- Felicia Jones

Bernie Edelman Award- Erik Bergmanis

Bernie Edelman Award- Peter Joy

Bernie Edelman Award- Laurie Ward

Case of the Year- Dan Viets

Benjamin Cardozo Award- Honorable Stanley Williams

Benjamin Cardozo Award- Honorable Calvin Holden

Atticus Finch Award- David Bruns

Atticus Finch Award- T.J. Kirsch



MACDL is dedicated to protecting the rights of criminally accused through a strong and cohesive criminal defense bar. We strive to improve the quality of justice in Missouri by seeking to ensure fairness and equality before the law. To achieve this important purpose, MACDL participates in legislative matters, works with the judiciary to make advances in serving the people who come to court, and provides continuing legal education to practitioners to improve their skills.


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